About Asia Alloy Steel
Asia Alloy Steel has started business as a small steel trading enterprise in Iran (Tabriz) in 1999. From the very onset Asia Alloy Steel felt the lack of bright steel products in the market. However due to quality assurance, on-time supply reliability and customer satisfaction considerations Asia Alloy Steel started production with their first bright bar drawing line in 2013. Since 2013 Asia Alloy Steel as a major producer of Bright Steel Bar has stepped into Iran’s industry to establish an effective collaboration between steel production and consumers.
Asia Alloy Steel targets complete customer satisfaction by supplying quality material, quick on-time delivery with competitive pricing. In order to meet the best quality standards Asia Alloy Steel uses only prime quality material from reputable European producers. This approach greatly augmented customer trust and loyalty in Asia Alloy Steel business achieving a good market share in a very short time.


Free Cutting

The metallurgy of free cutting steels is first determined by their expected machinability. The second parameters to take into acccont are the final mechanical properties required. Very high mechanical properties can require alloying elements,heat treatment such as quenching and tempering,or surface treatment such as inductive hardening or case hardening. Machining behaviour is obtained through specific alloying. Historically, lead(Pb) was the element used to improve machinability for its lubricating effect. nowadays, lead-free grades have been developed using calcium, tellurium, bismuth, selenium, etc. Sulphur influences inclusion morphology and improves tool life. Special steel grades have been developed for improved fatigue requirements while keeping high machinability levels.